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High performance shapes by cnc shaping machine


Polyester Epoxy Bamboo Carbon Vacuum processing


New materials to maximize strenght weight/ratio

ARALDITE epoxy resin

araldite epoxy resin redz





ARALDITE the new formulation epoxy will be used in all  line  of epoxy REDZ   surfboards  .

Superior strenght with this ultimate product from ARALDITE used in composite technology and aerospace

now on surfboards .

for more info contact us

Price for epoxy version is 900K



t-shirt-REDZ-respect baliREDZ-t-shirt-motorbike-bali-



redz surfboard aviator-post-web


The AVIATOR is a versatile shape for every
day to close the gap Robot and Rockstar .
Features with a solid rocker ,outline full but the wing
designed to reduce the tail area,
this is the key of this shape
to make it quick down the lines
and draw tighter arcs in the pocket.
The bottom shape runs from a slight concave
in the entry nose , to full concave to the
center until at one foot tail ,the exit tail is flat
to increase the kick rocker .
HIGH performance design for intermediate to expert.
makes a perfect travelling board .


081 plusindustries

New fins Grommet

New model in stock for light surfer under 55 kg who need

hi  performance fins .    Size deep 107 mm Base 108 mm   Rake 33

Price 650.000 rp





go pro bali surfboard accessories

Go Pro accessories for surfboards

Go pro accessories mounting kit surfboard ,screws,pad ,extension  and spare parts  are avalaible at our shop.

call us for info .



wombat ride by roberto milio

The WomBat shape

The WomBat a perfect combination for surf all kind of  wave

condition ,take it easy and fun for everybody in the water.

check here for more picture and video.



wood  redz surfboards

Wood composite construction

We are also produce a line of limited wood boards with sandwich construction method to make board solid as wood with stylish design  but in a core of hi performance, light and strength  all in  epoxy matrix construction .
more info just contact us



039 plusindustries

Fins carbon Textreme





New fins full base  with carbon Textreme for high performance surfing.


TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon reinforcements are using spread tows to produce optimized reinforcements for ultra light composites. Spreading tows (yarns) into very thin tapes enables reinforcements in woven structure as well as unidirectional tapes with mechanical performance and possibility for weight savings that are unique compared to conventional reinforcements.

TeXtreme Technology - comparison of Spread Tow and regular tow TEXTREME


TeXtreme® Technology explained:

1. The Spread Tow structure makes it possible to achieve thinner laminates.

2. Straighter fibers with reduced crimp optimize and strenghten the composite.

3. Lower crimp reduce the amount of excess plastic thereby minimizing weight.





The chainsaw

on the line of  of dumper model  , designed for extra performance for daily surf,

in two version square and round ,thuster or 5 fins option ,in all construction method.

check for more info about shape and volume.

Chainsaw model


photo surf bali

Special offer surfing water pictures

Buying a brand new REDZ surfboards or custom order ,you will get a special offer rate for water surfing pictures  in all spot of Bali at your preference.

The water pictures are professional take from Liquid Barrel team ,this special offer 25% off from daily rate 1.000.000 rp .

So the deal is valid for one session of surfing day in your preferred spot in Bali ,just 750.000 rp (~75 usd) to get

amazing  unlimited  pictures ,the offer is valid for 2 surfers (so bring one friend).

for more details just contact us .